Wednesday 1 February 2012

Women's Tour of Qatar Results (Stage 1)

Kirsten Wild
(image credit: Le Blog du Cyclisme Feminin)

 Kirsten Wild 

YES! Zojuist de eerste etappe in de Ladies Tour of Qatar gewonnen!
(Translation: "YES! I've just won the first stage of the Ladies' Tour of Qatar!")

AA Drink-Leontien's 29-year-old Dutch star Kirsten Wild - overall winner of the Tour of Qatar in 2010 - rode well in strong winds today ("Before the race, we didn’t want to leave the car because of the sand we had in our teeth and eyes," Judith Arndt said after the race) to take victory on this year's first stage, beating six others in a final sprint at the end of the 97km parcours.

The stage started fast and remained so throughout with Wild, Trixie Worrack, Ellen Van Dijk, Arndt, Chloe Hosking, Loes Gunnewijk, and Alex Rhodes forming an early breakaway that drove the average speed over the first hour up to 53kph. A chasing group made up of twelve riders got within two minutes of them while the peloton languished some ten minutes back down the road.

Chloe Hosking took second place
(image credit: jjron GNU 1.2)
Speeds increased as the end of the stage approached and the lead group began to show signs of strain on the Al Khawr Corniche, almost breaking apart at several points. However, the seven women worked together to keep the pace high and crossed the line as a group, Wild just getting the better of Specialized-Lululemon team mates Hosking and Van Dijk (winner of the General Classification, Points competition and Youth Category in last year's Tour), who took second and third.

Katie Colclough, also of Specialized-Lululemon and the only British rider competing in the event, was 77th over the line 13'52" behind the first group.

  1 Kirsten Wild 02:16:50 
  2 Chloe Hosking ST
  3 Ellen Van Dijk ST
  4 Judith Arndt   ST
  5 Trixi Worrack ST
  6 Loes Gunnewijk ST
  7 Alexis Rhodes ST
  8 Monia Baccaile 02:16 
  9 Charlotte Becker ST
  10 Jessie Maclean ST
  11 Regina Bruins ST
  12 Dong Yan Huang ST
  13 Elena Cecchini ST
  14 Liesbet De Vocht ST
  15 Sarah Düster ST
  16 Iris Slappendel  ST
  17 Tatiana Guderzo ST
  18 Alessandra Borchi ST
  19 Amanda Spratt  ST
  20 Yunyun Yuan 13:45 
  21 Adrie Visser 13:52 
  22 Biannic Aude ST
  23 Shelley Olds ST
  24 Li Chen ST
Ellen Van Dijk was third
(image credit: ednl CC BY 2.0
  25 Marta Tagliaferro ST
  26 Martine Bras ST
  27 Amy Pieters ST
  28 Latoya Brulee ST
  29 Sara Mustonen  ST
  30 Elke Gebhardt ST
  31 Aurore Verhoeven ST
  32 Madeleine Sandig ST
  33 Maaike Polspoel ST
  34 Xin Liu ST
  35 Kendall Ryan ST
  36 Winanda Spoor ST
  37 Giulia Donato ST
  38 Laura Van Der Kamp  ST
  39 Kaat Hannes ST
  40 Eleonora Patuzzo ST
  41 Esra Tromp ST
  42 Romy Kasper ST
  43 Ine Beyen ST
  44 Ann-Sophie Duyck ST
  45 Janine Bubner ST
  46 Audrey Cordon ST
  47 Tone Hatteland ST
  48 Pascale Jeuland ST
  49 Samantha Schneider ST
  50 Valentina Scandolara ST
  51 Polona Batagelj ST
  52 Edita Janeliunaite ST
  53 Marta Bastianelli ST
  54 Kim Schoonbaert 
  55 Lise Nøstvold ST
  56 Stephanie Pohl ST
  57 Anna Van Der Breggen ST
  58 Inga Cilvinaite ST
  59 Froydis Waerstad  ST
  60 Alice Donadoni ST
  61 Elisa Longo Borghini ST
  62 roxane Knetemann 
  63 Giorgia Bronzini ST
  64 Noemi Cantele ST
  65 Nathalie Jeuland  ST
  66 Janneke Kanis ST
  67 Anisha Vekemans ST
  68 Cherise Taylor ST
  69  Lauren Kitchen ST
  70 Mélodie Lesueur ST
  71 Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier ST
  72 Tiffany Cromwell ST
  73 Rebecca Talen ST
  74 Gilke Croket ST
  75 Alona Andruk ST
  76 Lisa Brennauer ST
  77 Katie Colclough ST
  78 Xiao Ling Luo ST
  79 Katrien Van Looy 14:00 
  80 Jacquelyn Crowell ST
  81 Edith Vanden Brande 14:01 
  82 Birgit Lavrijssen ST
  83 Taylor Wiles ST
  84 Linda Van Rijen  14:04 
  85. Ludivine Henrion ST
  86 Chiara Vannucci ST
  87 Maria Giulia Confalonieri ST
  88 Johanne Bergseth 14:11 
  89 Coryn Rivera 14:49 

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