Saturday 4 February 2012

GVA Trofee: Krawatencross at Lille Results

Race article here

We all knew that in a race that favours a rider who excels on all types of terrain, Marianne Vos was going to take some beating today. Daphny Van Den Brand and Sanne Cant decided that they were the best riders to take on the cycling superhero - and they came close to ending her incredible winning streak too. Van Den Brand, who retires at the end of this 'cross season, stuck close to the 24-year-old for much of the race and prevented her from leaving all opponents fighting for the podium's lower steps, but even she couldn't keep up forever; tiring in the second half as Vos drove the pace ever higher. "Daphny made ​​a mistake and I used that chance to push harder," the current World Champion told reporters after the race.

In the end, Vos' ability to push even harder as she sprinted to the line won her the race. "In the technical sections, I again and again made time on her," Cant said, "but at the end I lost." Vos, who is racing this season with the new Rabobank Women's Team that was constructed around her, has now won seventeen consecutive races.

 Helen Wyman 

 to be fair today it was so cold that it levels the playing field for everyones lungs! Like racing siberia!

Nikki Harris was best-placed British rider in fifth place, while Helen Wyman took seventh. Gabby Day, still feeling the effects of the chest infection Wyman caught a few weeks before her, was 16th.

Results (Full results, including Juniors, Novices, Under-23 and Elite Men here)

  1 Marianne Vos Rabobank Ladies Team
  2 Daphny Van Den Brand WV Schijndel
  3 Sanne Cant Boxx VeldritAcademie
  4 Sanne Van Paassen Brainwash 
  5 Nikki Harris 
  6 Arenda Grimberg 
  7 Helen Wyman 
  8 Pavla Havlikova 
  9 Sabrina Stultiens Brainwash 
  10 Sophie De Boer WV Schijndel 
  11 Joyce Vanderbeken 
  12 Reza Hormes Ravenstijn 
  13 Nicolle De Bie Leyten 
  14 Nancy Bober 
  15 Nikoline Hansen 
  16 Gabriella Day 
  17 Lana Verberne 
  18 Karen Verhestraeten Sengers Ladies Cycling Team 
  19 Amy Dombroski Crank Brothers 
  20 Iris Ockeloen 
  21 Christine Vardaros Baboco - Revor Cycling Team 
  22 Anja Geldhof 
  23 Katrien Thijs 
  24 Kim Van De Steene 
  25 Nathalie Nijns Lotto Belisol Ladies 
  26 Caren Commissaris 
  27 Shana Maes 
  28 Janice Geyskens 
  29 Caitlyn La Haye 

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