Wednesday 8 February 2012

Longo-Ciprelli police raid

French police raided the private home of legendary French cyclist Jeannie Longo and her husband Patrice Ciprelli early this morning, apparently in connection to intelligence suggesting Ciprelli placed orders for the red blood cell-boosting drug EPO.

53-year-old Longo, who has been French National Champion 59 times during her extraordinarily long and still-ongoing professional career, recently escaped prosecution after she twice failed to provide sufficient information concerning her whereabouts to anti-doping testers and once missed a test. However, she is known to possess neither a mobile phone nor a computer, living the life of a near-recluse when not racing - factors that were taken into account when the decision was made not to sanction her. A French police officer, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that Ciprelli was arrested and questioned, but declined to give further details.

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  1. Just one day after Contador's resolution ... to show us they also persecute "frenchies"?Longo is suspected of doping for many years and no action has been taken so far ... the whole thing sucks.