Sunday 12 February 2012

Women's Cycling on the BBC

Very little cycling is shown on television - ITV4 shows the Grand Tours and, sometimes, highlights of other events while Eurosport and Sky 4 show a few bits and pieces throughout the year. Women's cycling, as might be expected, is virtually ignored.

That's why all of us with any interest in it whatsoever need to press the red button on our remote controls at 19:00 on Saturday the 18th of February, as the BBC are broadcasting the Women's Sprint live from the World Track Championships in London. Not only will there be some top-notch racing (and track sprints are very fast indeed), it's also a rare opportunity for fans to deliver an unmissable message to the broadcasters that there are far more of us out here who want to see this sort of thing on our screens than they realise.

Like any organisation, commercial or otherwise, the BBC exists because there is a demand for it. For that reason, they try to show programmes that people will watch - let's show them that there's an untapped source of healthy viewing figures out here, ready for them to exploit.

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