Tuesday 7 August 2012

35th Gouden Pijl

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Netherlands, 60km Criterium, National

Taking place in Emmen, Drenthe, the Gouden Pijl enjoys the backing of Rabobank - one of the few sponsors that became involved in cycling not only for the advertising opportunities it offers but due to a deep love for the sport. As a result, it has become one of the biggest, most popular and best-organised races in the country and is able to attract the top names in both the men's and women's categories. In common with several other races in the Netherlands and Belgium, cycling is only part of the attraction - the event also features skating, food and live music, attracting thousands of people each year.

For sheer excitement, no other race rivals a criterium: they take place on short city circuits, more often that not with at least a few difficult corners. Heavy rain and thunder were predicted for Emmen today, which made the entire parcours slippery and more challenging than usual and might have slowed things down were it not for the fact that this was Marianne Vos' first race since she won the Olympic Road Race - and if you're in a race with Vos, you've got to ride as fast as you possibly can at all times to avoid being left far behind, because the 25-year-old Dutch star rides like a rocket at all times. Even after the first lap Vos had a significant lead, then she seemed to get faster and faster as the race progressed. The result, as so often tends to be the case when she's racing, was inevitable - and was her 24th opportunity to stand on the top step of a podium so far this year. Team mates Iris Slappendel and Roxane Kneteman, a lap behind her, took second and third place, making it a clean sweep for the Rabobank team.

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Photos by: @dy9ee8 @dianadegroot @drenthe2028 @kaatjemulder Bastiaan Hollander @ArjanTenHhof

Marianne's 24th victory of 2012

  1.  Marianne Vos Rabobank Women Team 
  2.  Iris Slappendel Rabobank 
  3.  Roxane Knetemann Rabobank 
  4.  Loes Gunnewijk Orica-GreenEDGE
  5.  Amy Pieters Skil-Argos  
  6.  Janneke Kanis Ski-Argos
  7.  Ilona Hoeksma WRV De Peddelaars Hoogeveen 
  8.  Melanie Hessling  
  9.  Ivana Tiessens De Noordelijke ATB Club
  10.  Moniek Tenniglo  
  11.  Mariël Borgerink WV De Noord-Westhoek 
  12.  Djoeke Donkers NWV Groningen 
  13.  Trieneke Fokkens De Noordelijke ATB Club
  14.  Annet Pit WRV De Peddelaars Hoogeveen  
  15.  Elise Karssies De Noordelijke ATB Club
  16.  Judith Jelsma WV De Noord-Westhoek 
  17.  Marije Joling Specialized-DPD-SRAM
  18.  Willeke Knol GRC Jan Van Arckel  
  19.  Ingeborg Kreuze WV De Noord-Westhoek 
  20.  Hilde van Slochteren De Noordelijke ATB Club
  21.  Linda Ringlever NWV Groningen 
  22.  Carolin Schiff 
  23.  Silke Kogelman GRC Jan Van Arckel 
  24.  Winanda Spoor Dolmans-Boels
  25.  Erika Broekema NWV Groningen 
  26.  Kayleigh Brogan Ibis
  27.  Laura Murray 
  28.  Janien Lubben WRV De Peddelaars Hoogeveen 
  29.  Anne Ewing Ibis
  30.  Joran Tromp GRC Jan Van Arckel  
  31.  Hilde Oudman NWV Groningen  
  32.  Hannah Barnes Ibis
  33.  Annouk van der Weijden Specialized-DPD-SRAM
  34.  Geerte Hoeke - -
  35.  Simone de Vries WRV De Peddelaars Hoogeveen 
  36.  Jarmila Machacova  
  37.  Nathasja Heijting PRC Delta  
  38.  Hannah Welter GWC De Adelaar 
  39.  Nathalie van Katwijk W.V. Noord-Holland
  40.  Annewil Schreuder W.V. Omega 
  41.  Melanie Klement WRV De Peddelaars Hoogeveen 
  42.  Astrid          Schuitema De Noordelijke ATB Club 
  43.  Linda de Croon W.V. De Noord-Westhoek 
  44.  Ester Scholten GRC Jan Van Arckel 
  45.  Liesbeth Zeeman Hoornse Ren En Toerclub 
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