Sunday 10 June 2012

Emakumeen Bira 2012 Stage 4 and final General Classification

Arndt after winning the Tour of Qatar
Rabobank's Annemiek van Vleuten won the final stage with a courageous attack on a very wet and slippery final descent; but ultimately her tactics played into the hands of Judith Arndt (GreenEDGE) who, after van Vleuten forced her chasers to respond, crashed with 1.5km to go (her second crash today) and was awarded the same time as second place Emma Johansson (Hitec Products-Mistral) and as a result won the overall General Classification. Lucinda Brand (AA and Alena Amialyusik (Be Pink) and also went down in the crash, doing well to finish where they did. Johansson's result, just one second behind van Vleuten and considering that her team being reduced to two riders, was spectacular. Amanda Spratt (GreenEDGE) takes the Combativity prize.

Emma Pooley (AA, expected to use the three climbs (including a Cat 2 9km from the finish line) to repeat her success on Stage 2, got left behind by a lead group of six riders and never managed to bridge the gap. Like many climbers, she's simply too light to be able to maintain comfortable control on a dangerous descent and the weather ensured she was out of contention for overall victory.

Van Vleuten pickd up 25 points on the stage and wins the overall Points competition with 24. Carlee Taylor (Australia) was fastest up the first two climbs for nine mountain points, Arndt first to the top of the third for six points; leaving Pooley the winner of the overall Mountains classification with 12 points in total. Amanda Spratt won the first intermediate sprint, Carlee Taylor took the second for five points apiece; Valentina Scandolara retains the overall Sprints lead with 15 points. Sarah-Lena Hoffman (Germany) wins the Youth category.

Arndt was second last year and in 2010 after winning in 2009, too - a second GC places her on an equal footing with Marianne Vos and Elena Barillová. Only Hanka Kupfernagel has enjoyed more Bira success with three victories.

Martine Bras @martinebras
"Totale off day in Bira. Fysiek en mentaal naar de kl... En mijn fiets paste zich netjes aan. Werkte ook al niet zoals normaal. Snel vergeten (Total off-day in the Bira. Physically and mentally unable to cope with the climbs - and my bike fitted wrong. Didn't feel like normal. I'll forget this one!)"
Stage 4 Top Ten
  1.  Annemiek Van Vleuten Rabobank 3h06'59" 
  2.  Emma Johansson Hitec Products-Mistral Home +1" 
  3.  Trixi Worrack Specialized-Lululemon ST
  4.  Sharon Laws AA +4" 
  5.  Alena Amialyusik Be Pink +1" 
  6.  Judith Arndt Orica GreenEdge-AIS ST
  7.  Anna Sanchis Bizkaia-Durango +48"
  8.  Claudia Haüsler Orica GreenEdge-AIS +51"
  9.  Christelle Ferrier-breneau Hitec Products-Mistral Home ST
  10.  Kaat Hannes Lotto Belisol +52"  
(Full stage result)

General Classification
  1.  Judith Arndt Orica GreenEdge-AIS 08:30:59 
  2.  Emma Johansson Hitec Products-Mistral Home +00:07 
  3.  Annemiek Van Vleuten Rabobank 00:14 
  4.  Alena Amialyusik Be Pink 00:39 
  5.  Sharon Laws AA 00:42 
  6.  Lucinda Brand AA 00:55 
  7.  Trixi Worrack Specialized- Lululemon 01:21 
  8.  Emma Pooley AA 01:50 
  9.  Anna Sanchis Bizkaia-Durango 02:05 
  10.  Claudia Haüsler Orica GreenEdge-AIS 02:30 
  11.  Ellen Van Dijk Specialized-Lululemon 03:10 
  12.  Joanne Hogan Bizkaia-Durango 03:59 
  13.  Mascha Pijnenborg Dolmans-Boels 04:07 
  14.  Elizabeth Armitstead AA 04:22 
  15.  Amanda Spratt Orica GreenEdge-AIS 06:36 
  16.  Amy Pieters Skil-Argos 06:40 
  17.  Tiffany Cromwell Orica GreenEdge-AIS 07:07 
  18.  Carlee Taylor Vienne Futuroscope 07:14 
  19.  Christelle Ferrier-breneau Hitec Products Mistral Home 07:19 
  20.  Nicole Cooke Faren-Honda 07:22 
  21.  Sarah-lena Hofmann 07:29 
  22.  Linda Villumsen Orica GreenEdge-AIS 07:30 
  23.  Kaat Hannes Lotto Belisol 07:36 
  24.  Anouska Koster Dolmans-Boels 07:45 
  25.  Charlotte Becker Specialized-Lululemon 08:13 
  26.  Liesbet De Vocht Rabobank 08:38 
  27.  Eneritz Iturriaga Echevarria Lointek 08:49 
  28.  Ina Yoko Teutenberg Specialized-Lululemon 08:50 
  29.  Giada Borgato Diadora-Pasta Zara 10:02 
  30.  Lisa Brennauer Specialized-Lululemon 10:08 
  31.  Madeleine Sandig 11:09 
  32.  Katie Colclough Specialized-Lululemon 11:56 
  33.  Gracie Elvin 12:28 -
  34.  Roxane Knetemann Rabobank 13:43 
  35.  Oxana Kozonchuk Be Pink 14:05 
  36.  Romy Kasper RusVelo 14:30 
  37.  Sinead Noonan 14:43 
  38.  Mieke Kröger 14:45 
  39.  Elke Gebhardt Be Pink 14:48 
  40.  Valentina Scandolara S.C. Michela Fanini Rox 14:56 
  41.  Doris Schweizer Fassa Bortolo-Servetto 15:38 
  42.  Francesca Cauz Fassa Bortolo-Servetto 15:42 
  43.  Petra Dijkman Kleo 15:47 
  44.  Anna-bianca Schnitzmeier ABUS-Nutrixxion ST
  45.  Chantal Blaak AA 15:49 
  46.  Malin Rydlund Alriksson Go:Green 15:55 
  47.  Lise Olivier Lotto Belisol 16:01 
  48.  Martina Ruzickova S.C. Michela Fanini Rox 17:03 
  49.  Annelies Van Doorslaer Kleo 17:37 
  50.  Elena Utrobina Faren-Honda 17:38 
  51.  Cristina Alcalde Huertanos Bizkaia-Durango 17:53 
  52.  Jennifer Hohl Faren-Honda 19:04 
  53.  Viviana Gatto Fassa Bortolo-Servetto 19:26 
  54.  Anna Potokina Lointek 19:27 
  55.  Anna Ramirez Bauxell 19:30 
  56.  Agne Silinyte Diadora-Pasta Zara 19:36 
  57.  Thalita De Jong Rabobank 19:57 
  58.  Lorena Foresi S.C. Michela Fanini Rox 20:28 
  59.  Joanna Van De Winkel Lotto-Belisol 20:39 
  60.  Petra Zrimsek Be Pink 21:35 
  61.  Grace Sulzberger ST
  62.  Luisa Tamanini Faren-Honda 22:04 
  63.  Marie Lindberg Kleo 22:21 
  64.  Ann-sophie Duyck Lotto Belisol 22:52 
  65.  Hanna Nilsson Alriksson Go:Green 23:04 
  66.  Ane Santesteban Gonzalez Bizkaia-Durango 23:15 
  67.  Martina Corazza Kleo 24:30 
  68.  Lieselot Decroix Dolmans-Boels 24:36 
  69.  Yulia Iliynikh Lointek 27:26 
  70.  Linea Fredäng Alriksson Go:Green 27:55 
  71.  Sara Grifi S.C. Michela Fanini Rox 28:47 
  72.  Jessica Allen 29:18 

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