Saturday 28 January 2012

UCI CX World Cup Liévin

Still only 24 years old, Vos seems unstoppable
(public domain image)

Marianne Vos proved that the recent swap to a Giant bike after so long on her trusty Stevens creates absolutely no impediment whatsoever to her continuing domination of women's cycling - unless, of course, she's secretly riding a Stevens in Giant's clothing - with another superb win that saw her cross the line a full 48 seconds ahead of 2nd place Daphny Van Den Brand despite a crash that left her on the ground during the race. The 24-year-old Dutch superstar fell hard enough to still feel it late on Monday: "Adrenaline: best painkiller that your body makes itself. Rode smoothly to the finish after my crash yesterday. Today, however, it stopped working," she said.

The USA's Katy Compton took 3rd place followed by Caroline Mani in 4th and British champion Helen Wyman in 5th - a promising indication of a return to firm after her results were badly affected by the virus that has plagued the European cyclo cross world since before Christmas and which kept Sanne van Paassen away from this race. Wyman is a rider who likes to show appreciation for her fans and often pens a race report offering probably the best description available of the events she enters - her Liévin report is available here. Gabriella Day - who was not at Liévin - has also come down with the chest infection, telling fans on Twitter that she is taking antibiotics to combat it.

Cyclocross Magazine has photographs of the Elite Women's and Elite Men's races.

Elite Women
1. Marianne Vos 0:39:30
2. Daphny Van Den Brand 0:48
3. Katie Compton 1:14
4. Caroline Mani 1:19
5. Helen Wyman 1:20
6. Sophie De Boer 1:50
7. Nikki Harris1:51
8. Lucie Chainel-Lefevre 2:21
9. Pavla Havlikova 2:35
10. Sabrina Schweizer 2:41
11. Sanne Cant 2:49
12. Arenda Grimberg 2:50
13. Martina Mikulaskova 2:52
14. Jasmin Achermann 2:58
15. Katerina Nash 3:03
16. Kaitlin Antonneau 3:30
17. Sabrina Stultiens 3:58
18. Christine Majerus 4:01
19. Joyce Vanderbeken 4:02
20. Anne-Fleur Kalvenhaar 4:44
21. Julie Krasniak 4:45
22. Hilde Quintens 5:02
23. Linda van Rijen 5:16
24. Reza Hormes Ravenstijn 5:27
25. Stephanie Vaxillaire-Denuit 5:37
26. Christine Vardaros 5:55
27. Cynthia Huygens 6:06
28. Katrien Thijs 6:37
29. Lise-Marie Henzelin 7:26
30. Kim Van De Steene 7:41
31. Marlene Petitgirard 0:01
32. Nancy Bober ST
33. Githa Michiels ST
34. Ayako Toyooka ST
35. Nicolle de Bie Leyten ST
36. Margriet Kloppenburg 0:02
37. Nikoline Hansen 0:03

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