Saturday 1 June 2013

I'm Not Here

Charlotte Becker's parting company
with Argos-Shimano
There's no Women's Cycling Weekly News round-up this week because I'm off on a week's holiday in an especially rural part of rural North Wales and won't have an Internet connection or mobile phone signal for six days (we have, however, been promised otters).

Here's some stories from the last seven days:

Charlotte Becker leaves Argos-Shimano

United Arab Emirates Cycling Federation targets 400 girls to take up the sport by opening new academies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Hannah Barnes on the Colchester round of the Johnson HealthTech GP

For the love of bikes: women and cycling

See you next week - in the meantime, enjoy the Philly Classic, the Emakumeens Saria and Bira and, if you can find any information on it, the GP of Maykop.

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