Monday 15 July 2013

Women's Cycling News 14-21.07.2013

UCI races this week - Women's TdF petition smashes target, Prudhomme stays quiet - Journos fail to understand petition's aims - Thuringen Rundfahrt (Stage 1, 2, 3, Daisy Depoorter seriously injured, 4, 5) - Cordon wins Tour de Bretagne - Tour Feminin en Limousin - Hitec manager and rider escape car crash unharmed - Interesting Links - more to come...

UCI Elite Women races this week: Tour de Bretagne (11-14.07); Thuringen Rundfahrt (15-21.07); U23 European TT Championship (18.07); Tour Féminin en Limousin (18-21.07); U23 European Road Race Championship (21.07)

Women's TdF petition smashes target
Last week, I reported on the petition started by Kathryn Bertine, Emma Pooley, Marianne Vos and Chrissie Wellington in an attempt to persuade Tour de France owners/organisers the Amaury Sport Organisation to introduce a new women's version of the race - ideally, as early as next year. They aimed to collect 10,000 signatures.

That target was rapidly reached, so they've increased it to 15,000 - and at the time of writing, it needs just 950 more to hit its new target. If you haven't added your name so far, you can do so here. Please encourage others to add theirs too!

Note - by the 18th of July, a few days after I wrote the above, the petition had 35,790 signatures and was aiming for 50,000. You can follow the petition's progress via Twitter. See also: "Emma Pooley on women’s Tour de France sponsors, money & scheduling" at

Tour director Prudhomme
Prudhomme: "We are saying nothing for the moment"

Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme refused to be drawn on the subject when journalists tried to persuade him to reveal his thoughts - and perhaps ASO machinations - regarding the proposed women's race, reportedly dismissing the question with a Gallic wave of the hand before telling his audience that the organisation is "saying nothing at the moment."

It's too early to decide whether this was a lack of interest as some websites have claimed, however - I have been informed by a professional rider that the ASO has in fact shown some indication that it would be keen for a women's Tour to go ahead given sufficient interest.

...Stupid journalism of the Week
Women's Tour de France: A journo completely misses the point

While we all have a good laugh at this one, it's worth remembering that plenty of people with little or no interest in women's cycling will accept the author's misinterpretation of the petition's aims without question, think to themselves "well what's the point of that, then?" and then won't add their signature. It's up to us all - fans and riders alike - to make sure people understand what the Women's Tour would be and why it would be a good thing, for women's cycling and for cycling in general.

It seems that Zach Berger, author of the SportsGrid piece, is not alone. Fox Sports - part of Fox Entertainment Group which is owned by Team Sky sponsors 21st Century Fox (chairman and CEO: Rupert Murdoch, who is also executive chairman of News Corp, the majority owner of British Sky Broadcasting) - published a similar piece that is equally full of inaccuracies on the same day. The title, "Vos wants to ride in Tour de France," is itself misleading, though apparently unintentionally.

 "[Vos] is among a group of cyclists, including British Olympian Emma Pooley, who have launched an online petition urging Tour de France organizers to let women participate in next year's race," it claims, in the second paragraph. Er - no she isn't, because no such group exists. She is, on the other hand, part of a group of cyclists that launched a petition asking the ASO to organised a new Tour de France for women, as previously existed.

It then claims that: "The riders backing the petition said letting women race in the men's Tour, ''will also create an equal opportunity to debunk the myths of physical `limitations' placed upon female athletes.'' Also not true. The riders (and thousands of supporters) say that organising a women's Tour using the same infrastructure as the men's race will help to demonstrate that women's cycling can be as exciting for and popular among spectators as men's cycling, which in turn attracts new sponsors - beneficial to them and to cycling in general.

Thuringen Rundfahrt
Race preview here
Stage 1
Christine Majerus (Sengers) was first to the summit of the first climb in the race, less than 9km from the start, and now leads in the climbers' competition. A five-rider group then used the following descent to try to form a break, but the peloton wasn't going to let them get away so early and soon had them back. Annemiek van Vleuten took the first intermediate sprint, then Hanka Kupfernagel took the top points on the next climb.

By the time the race reached the second intermediate sprint, the pack had settled into some sort of order with those riders in contention for a stage win already in their chosen positions, which saw Emma Johansson sail through in first place. Johansson won this race in 2011 and already looks like she means to win again this year - and apparently isn't going to waste any time in stamping her authority on it, because she seriously impressed when she won the four-up sprint to the line on her own and without support from a lead-out, a situation that she - unlike most sprinters - says suits her, her Orica-AIS team mates having been forced to respond to a late attack by Linda Villumsen (Wiggle-Honda) that wasn't caught until 500m before the finish.

Christine Majerus (Sengers) leads in the climbers' competition, Alena Amialiusik (BePink) is the leading young rider and Linda Villumsen (Wiggle-Honda) won the Combativity Prize for the stage.

Stage 1 Top Ten
1 Emma JOHANSSON (Orica-AIS) 1h43'28"
2 Elizabeth ARMITSTEAD (Boels-Dolmans) ST
3 Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN (Rabo-Liv/Giant) ST
4 Eleonora VAN DIJK (Specialized-Lululemon) ST
5 Alena AMIALIUSIK (BePink) +02"
6 Charlotte BECKER (Wiggle-Honda) ST
7 Emilia FAHLIN (Hitec Products-UCK) ST
8 Tatiana GUDERZO (MCipollini-Giordana) ST
9 Anna VAN DER BREGGEN (Sengers) ST
10 Cecilie Gotaas JOHNSEN (Hitec Products-UCK) ST
Full stage result and General Classification

Stage 2
If Chloe McConville, who is riding for the Australia NT in the Rundfahrt, wants to get herself signed up to a professional Elite team, she certainly knows how to get herself noticed - quite a few directeurs sportif will have watched her matching Wiggle-Honda's Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier in a two-rider break that escaped the peloton 49km into the race and wasn't caught until the finish line came within 10km, and they'll have made a mental note to keep an eye on her performances over the remainder of the season to see what else the 2003 Australian Novices MTB XC Champion can do.

Chloe McConville ‏@chloemc87  
Hurting but loving every minute of it... Enough said.. #thuringenrundfahrt

Johansson controls the GC
Impressive though the duo had been, there was no way a peloton led by the likes of Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS), Marta Tagliaferro (MCipollini-Giordana) and Annemiek van Vleuten (Rabo) were going to let them take a stage victory, so they were swept up in due course. However, Johansson and her rivals weren't going to get everything their own way either and a nine-rider break gave them cause for concern in the closing kilometres - but, with the finish so close, the teams responded quickly and rapidly brought them back to ensure another bunch sprint. A crash at 6km to go was just far enough out for the sprinters and lead-outs to get themselves organised again and many spectators will have been expecting the race to go to either Johansson or Tagliaferro, but in the event Carmen Small of Specialized-Lululemon got the better of them both and was first over the line. Johansson, third over, retains the General Classification leadership.

Christine Majerus (Sengers) took the top points on the first climb, followed by MCipo's Valentina Carretta and Wiggle-Honda's Linda Villumsen. By the second climb, Schnitzmeier and McConville were out in front and took first and second; Majerus was the fastest of the pack up and thus won sufficient points in the stage to retain her Mountains classification lead. Van Vleuten took the first of the intermediate sprints at 10.8km with Johansson and her Orica team mate Loes Gunnewijk hot on her tail. McConville won the second sprint with Schnitzmeier right behind, then they were caught by the peloton led by Johansson,

Stage 2 Top Ten
1 Carmen SMALL (Specialized-Lululemon) 3h18'50"
2 Marta TAGLIAFERRO (MCipollini-Giordana) ST
4 Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN (Rabo-Liv/Giant) ST
5 Christine MAJERUS (Sengers) ST
6 Alena AMIALIUSIK (BePink) ST
7 Anna VAN DER BREGGEN (Sengers) ST
8 Beate ZANNER (Maxx-Solar) ST
9 Elizabeth ARMITSTEAD (Boels-Dolmans) ST
10 Emily COLLINS (Wiggle-Honda) ST
Full result and General Classification

Stage 3
The third stage started with the depressing news that CycleLive Plus-Zannata's rider Daisy Depoorter had been seriously injured in a crash during a training ride before the stage. 2010 Belgian Junior ITT Champion Depoorter, who was taken to hospital by helicopter, is said to have suffered a fractured pelvis and ribs and damage to her vertebrae when she was hit by a truck. The accident occurred a day before the eighth anniversary of the death of Amy Gillett, who was killed by a truck while training for the Rundfahrt in 2005.

Andrea Graus
If Schitzmeier and McConville impressed yesterday, Andrea Graus really pushed the boat out in pleasing her Bigla team sponsors yesterday - she launched a solo break on the descent of the first climb 28km into the parcours and got as far as seven minutes out in front of the peloton, then remained away until a little before 10km to go. For many, it'll have been the most impressive ride of the race.

There had been some attacks early on, a few of them seeming guaranteed to stick due to strong riders, but none got anywhere and it took until 25km to go before a successful break formed and went after Graus. They whittled her advantage down to 1'10", then 30" as she entered the final circuit and. 2km later, finally caught her, setting the stage for another bunch sprint - several riders had other plans and tried to get away, but the pack was too fast for them.

Annemiek van Vleuten was first to the line by a good couple of metres, a superb stage win; however, second-place Emma Johansson won sufficient bonus seconds at the finish and at the intermediate sprints to extend her overall lead from

Stage 3 Top Ten
1 Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN (Rabo-Liv/Giant) 3h31'35"
3 Valentina SCANDOLARA (MCipollini-Giordana) ST
4 Elke GEBHARDT (German NT) ST
5 Roxane KNETEMANN (Rabo-Liv/Giant) ST
6 Amy CURE (Australia NT) ST
7 Lucinda BRAND (Rabo-Liv/Giant) ST
8 Anna VAN DER BREGGEN (Sengers) ST
9 Trixi WORRACK (Specialized-Lululemon) ST
10 Linda Melanie VILLUMSEN (Wiggle-Honda) ST
Full result and General Classification

Stage 4 (ITT)
Shara Gillow
When I wrote the preview for the Rundfahrt, I said "unless the weather turns out to be horrendous, we'll see some blisteringly fast times." That, it transpired, was the case - although a strong headwind hampered efforts on the outward journey, once the riders had reached the turning point at Cretschwitz they were able to fly all the way home with some of them clocking speeds as high as 80kph.

Shara Gillow (Orica-AIS) recorded the best result at 28'52" and deserved it as she'd been riding on the rivet all the way. Ellen van Dijk, who had been a serious contender for victory today, suffered more in the wind and was 35" down while Gillow's team mate Emma Johansson +39" gave her third place but allows her to retain the General Classification lead.

Stage 4 Top Ten
1 Shara GILLOW (Orica-AIS) 28'52"
2 Ellen VAN DIJK (Specialized-Lululemon) +35"
3 Emma JOHANSSON (Orica-AIS) +39"
4 Tatiana GUDERZO (MCipollini-Giordana) +50"
5 Lisa BRENNAUER (Specialized-Lululemon) +59"
6 Linda Melanie VILLUMSEN (Wiggle-Honda) +01'07"
7 Anna VAN DER BREGGEN (Sengers) +01'19"
8 Amanda SPRATT (Orica-AIS) +01'21"
9 Tayler WILES (Specialized-Lululemon) +01'30"
10 Esther FENNEL (Koga-Central Rhede) +01'44"
Full stage result and General Classification

Stage 5
Christine Majerus seems a safe bet to
win the Mountains
Fourteen riders escaped moments after the first lap was completed, among them Christine Majerus (Sengers), Anna van der Breggen (Sengers) and Shara Gillow (Orica-AIS) who took first, second and third on the first climb. The break remained in front to the second passage of the line, which also marked the intermediate sprint with the points going to Linda Villumsen, Emma Johansson and Hanka Kupfernagel.

In Lap 3, LaToya Brulee (CycleLive Plus-Zannata) made an impressive attempt to join the break but couldn't; inspired by what she'd nearly achieved solo a group made up of Charlotte Becker (Wiggle-Honda), Amy Cure (Australia NT), Giorgia Williams (BePink), Lisa Brennauer (Specialized-Lululemon) and Tatiana Guderzo (MCipollini-Giordana) decided to have a go too and, before long, the groups merged - save for Guderzo, who seemed to have run out of strength and drifted back into the peloton. Majerus, still the strongest climber in the newly-enlarged lead group, was once again fastest up the next climb; van der Breggen and Amanda Spratt (Orica-AIS) followed her. Van der Breggen then won the second sprint, beating Johansson and Valentina Scandolara (MCipollini-Giordana).

Now that the finish was within sight, attacks were firing off all over the place and the lead group felt the pressure, losing some members, while the rest of the race started to become increasingly splintered. The cobbles on the approach to the line suit a rider such as Johansson very well, requiring a combination of strength (which she has in droves) and superb bike handling skills (which she has by the bucketful): Rabo's Lucinda Brand and Scandolara proved worthy rivals by keeping up long enough to share her time, but neither could get past her. There are two stages still to go, but Johansson's eventual victory looks ever more certain.

Stage 5 Top Ten
1 Emma JOHANSSON (Orica-AIS) 2h28'01"
2 Lucinda BRAND (Rabo-Liv/Giant) ST
3 Valentina SCANDOLARA (MCipollini-Giordana) ST
4 Amy CURE (Australia NT) +03"
5 Anna VAN DER BREGGEN (Sengers) +05"
6 Linda Melanie VILLUMSEN (Wiggle-Honda) ST
7 Hanka KUPFERNAGEL (Germany NT) +07"
8 Lisa BRENNAUER (Specialized-Lululemon) ST
9 Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN (Rabo-Liv/Giant) +08"
10 Amanda SPRATT (Orica-AIS) +09"
Full stage result and General Classification

Stage 6
With all the attempted breakaways in the first few kilometres, it was obvious that many riders have become tired of bunch sprint finishes and were hoping to grab a few General Classification seconds today, but none of them had stuck by the time the race arrived at the first intermediate sprint where the points went to Lisa Brennauer and Trixi Worrack (both Specialized-Lululemon), then Anna van der Breggen (Sengers): all three had begun the day near enough to the top for the bonification seconds to make a notable difference to their times - though with Brennauer still 1'31" down overall on Emma Johansson, unlikely to be enough to make a notable difference to the outcome of the race now that there's one stage to go.

Hanka Kupfernagel attacked whilst climbing the Steilen cobbles a short while later but her rivals, well aware that the German rider's cyclo cross skills would give her an advantage on the rough terrain, were not going to let her get away and marked her closely. Emilia Fahlin (Hitec Products-UCK) and Worrack then briefly managed to escape, but Orica-AIS got on the case and brought them back almost immediately.

Worrack's presence in the short-lived break may have been nothing more than a Lululemon ploy, however, because with the pack's attention diverted and Orica settling back into place, her team mate Tayler Wiles got away and found an advantage on the road of a whole minute - much to the delight of fans, who sang "Happy Birthday to You" as she passed them (Wiles is 24 today)! She remained in front at the top of the next categorised climb where Christine Majerus (Sengers) was second and Johansson again third, then managed to stay a handful seconds away through the next intermediate sprint (Romy Kasper of Boels-Dolmans was second, Johansson third) before the pack finally caught her.

Scandolara takes the penultimate
Roxane Knetemann (Rabo) attacked soon afterwards and won the final intermediate sprint where Kasper and Johansson were again second and third, but with the finish line approaching the peloton wasn't going to let her stay away even though, having started the day in 12th place with a deficit of at least two minutes to anyone with a realistic chance of challenging for overall victory, her chances of gaining any significant advances seemed slight so late in the race. Valentina Scandolara (MCipollini-Giordana) had started the day in 17th place, 7'11" down the GC, and has no chance of troubling Johansson - but if you can't get on the podium, you may as well salvage some glory in the shape of a stage win. So, she took advantage of the work Knetemann had done and launched her own attack once the Dutch rider was caught, and proved herself stronger than the riders who chased after her, winning alone with an advantage of 10".

In the hubbub of Scandolara's attack, Annemiek van Vleuten (Rabo) crashed but is reportedly fine to start tomorrow. Johansson, caught up behind her, was delayed as a result; however, as the crash had occurred on the descent in the final 3km she did not lose time and now leads overall by 32".

Stage 6 Top Ten
1 Valentina SCANDOLARA (MCipollini-Giordana) 2h45'45"
2 Lucinda BRAND (Rabo-Liv/Giant) +10"
3 Adrie VISSER (Boels-Dolmans) ST
4 Elke GEBHARDT (Germany NT) ST
5 Emily COLLINS (Wiggle-Honda) ST
6 Tatiana GUDERZO (MCipollini-Giordana) ST
7 Beate ZANNER (Germany NT) ST
8 Linda VILLUMSEN (Wiggle-Honda) ST
9 Amy CURE (Australia NT) ST
10 Lisa BRENNAUER (Specialized-Lululemon) ST
Full stage result and General Classification

Tour de Bretagne
Race preview here. French women's cycling expert Gwena, who was at the race, has an excellent selection of photos here.

Stage 1 (Pledran-Yffiniac)
RusVelo's Oxana Kozonchuk wins first stage in nine-rider sprint.
Oxana Kozochuk at the
Thuringen-Rundfahrt 2012

Stage 1 Result
1 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) 3h21'58"
2 Svetlana STOLBOVA (Russian NT) ST
3 Alessandra D'ETTORRE (Vaiano-Fondriest) ST
4 Audrey CORDON (Vienne Futuroscope) ST
5 Sofie DE VUYST (Sengers) ST
6 Céline VAN SEVEREN (Lotto-Belisol) ST
7 Elena KUCHINSKAYA (RusVelo) ST
8 Natalia BOYARSKAYA (Russian NT) ST
9 Thalita DE JONG (Dura Vermeer) ST
10 Claire THOMAS (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) +05"
Full result and General Classification

Stage 2 (ITT, Mohon-Mohon)
Vera Koedooder ‏@Vera_Koedooder
Yesss! TimeTrial victory! Were really painful 12,5km on the hilly, windy, hard course! But very happy I made it! #Stage2 #TourdeBretagne
Stage 2 Result
1 Vera KOEDOODER (Sengers) 00:17:04
2 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA(GSD Gestion-Kallisto) +02"
3 Aude BIANNIC (Equipe DN Bretagne) +03"
4 Audrey CORDON (Vienne Futuroscope) +10"
5 Elena UTROBINA (Lointek) +15"
6 Ruth CORSET (Sengers) +16"
7 Thalita DE JONG (Dura Vermeer) +17"
8 Karol-Ann CANUEL (Vienne Futuroscope) ST
9 Natalie VAN GOGH (Dura Vermeer) +22"
10 Natalia BOYARSKAYA (Russia NT) +27"
Full stage result and General Classification (when available)

Stage 3 (Pipriac-La Chapelle Bouexic)
Kataztyna Pawlowska (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) wins the intermediate sprints, the GPM climbs and the stage!

Stage 3 Result
1 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) 3h25'51"
2 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) ST
3 Roxane FOURNIER (BigMat-Auber'93) ST
4 Barbara GUARISCHI (Vaiano-Fondriest) ST
5 Sofie DE VUYST (Sengers) ST
6 Céline VAN SEVEREN (Lotto-Belisol) ST
7 Elena KUCHINSKAYA (RusVelo) ST
8 Vera KOEDOODER (Sengers) ST
9 Thalita DE JONG (Dura Vermeer) ST
10 Julie Leth (Hitec Products-UCK) ST
Full stage result and General Classification

Stage 4 (Crozon-Poullan Sur Mer)
Fournier takes the stage; Cordon takes control.

Stage 4 Result
1 Roxane FOURNIER (BigMat-Auber'93) 3h09'19"
2 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) ST
3 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) ST
4 Alexis RYAN (USA NT) ST
5 Barbara GUARISCHI (Vaiano-Fondriest) ST
6 Anna TREVISI (Vaiano-Fondriest) ST
7 Svetlana STOLBOVA (Russia NT) ST
8 Fanny RIBEROT (Lointek) ST
9 Alessandra D'ETTORRE (Vaiano-Fondriest) ST
Full stage result and General Classification

GC winner Audrey Cordon
Final General Classification
1 Audrey CORDON (Vienne Futuroscope) 10h14'14"
2 Thalita DE JONG (Dura Vermeer) +15"
3 Svetlana STOLBOVA (Russia NT) +22"
4 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) +23"
5 Elena KUCHINSKAYA (RusVelo) +24"
6 Natalia BOYARSKAYA (Russia NT) +25"
7 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) +52"
8 Sofie DE VUYST (Sengers) +54"
9 Joanne HOGAN (Sengers) +01'05"
10 Vera KOEDOODER (Sengers) +01'09"
Full General Classification

A special mention goes to Maëliz Olivier of Equipe DN Bretagne - at only 17 years of age she was the youngest rider in the race and finished 93rd, 57'02" behind the winner.

Points: 1 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) 61pts; 2 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) 58pts; 3 Roxane FOURNIER (BigMat-Auber'93) 45pts. Mountains: 1 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA  (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) 46pts; 2 Alessandra D'ETTORRE (Vaiano-Fondriest) 24pts; 3 Joane Hogan (Sengers) 18pts. Youth: 1 Thalita DE JONG (Dura Vermeer) 10h14'29"; 2 Aude Biannic (Equipe DN Bretagne) +57"; 3 Celine VAN SEVEREN (Lotto-Belisol) +01'05". Best Breton and French rider: Audrey Cordon, born at Pontivy.

Tour Feminin en Limousin
Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to actually follow this race - there are no updates on the official site nor, it seems, anywhere else, and at the time of writing (Day 3 of the race), results had not yet appeared on the UCI website. How do organisers expect fans to be fans of their races if they're not going to put the information out there? Such is the great Unanswered Question of Women's Cycling.

Stage 1 Top Ten
1 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) 3h29'20"
2 Svetlana STOLBOVA (Pratomagno) ST
3 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) +01"
4 Natalia BOYARSKAYA (Russia NT) +03"
5 Irina MOLICHEVA (Pratomagno) ST
6 Claire THOMAS  (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) ST
7 Sara MUSTONEN (Faren-Let's Go Finland) ST
8 Sophie DE BOER (Parkhotel Valkenburg) ST
9 Jennifer FIORI (Top Girls-Fassa Bortolo) ST
10 Elana VALENTINI (Top Girls-Fassa Bortolo) ST

Stage 2 Top Ten
1 Tatiana ANTOSHINA (MCipollini-Giordana) 26'15"
2 Katarzyna PAWLOWSKA (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) +25"
3 Edwige PITEL (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox) +41"
4 Natalia BOYARSKAYA (Russia NT) +46"
5 Karol-Ann CANUEL (Vienne Futuroscope) +01'11"
6 Belen LOPEZ (Lointek) +01'21"
7 Lucy COLDWELL (Breast Cancer Care) +01'22"
8 Elena KUCHINSKAYA (RusVelo) +01'25"
9 Svetlana STOLBOVA (Pratomagno) +01'27"
10 Oxana KOZONCHUK (RusVelo) +01'34"

Hitec manager and rider survive car crash
"A car torpedoed into my side, where Siri was sitting.
Consider[ing] getting religious..." says Lima!
Karl Lima, owner and manager of the Hitec Products-UCK team, and his rider Siri Minge were exceptionally fortunate in escaping a car crash that wrecked the vehicle in which they were traveling, leaving it lying on its side, along with the bikes being carried on the roof rack. The accident took place in Belgium en route to the Tour de Bretagne and was caused when another car drove into the side of their vehicle.

Lima, who is also Technical Manager of Hitec Products (manufacturer of hi-tech equipment for the gas and oil industries), confirmed that both he and Minge were unharmed following the crash, adding that it's fortunate the team has "more cars and bikes" - which says a great deal about the level of backing Hitec Products is willing to give to women's cycling: for many teams, the loss of a car and bikes would spell financial disaster.
Siri Minge ‏@siriminge Felt pretty sore during todays stage in Bretagne after yesterdays carcrash, think we had an angel watching over us!

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Tweet of the Week
Matrix Fitness RA ‏@onthedrops
2 years ago we were at Thuringen Rundfahrt. Took a jersey as well. We will be back there one day. Bigger, stronger, stable & ready for a challenge.


  1. Wonderful work, John! Regarding that pile of dreck that is the SportsGrid "article", anything from a politically-conservative leaning site such as Sportsgrid and Fox (notice the sidebar-ads over there) automatically comes with its own preconceived prejudices and obvious fabrications, but I have to admit I was quite amused myself by all the falsehoods and outright stupidity coming from that piece of so-called "sports journalism". May I suggest to Zach Berger and his type to stick with ogling over podium-girls & cheerleaders rather than attempt to write about women's cycling.

    Bobby Ray

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. To his credit, Berger took the time to reply to Tweets from @Chutzpah84, @Velocentric (neither of whom are going to let this one lie; great supporters of women's cycling both) and myself.

    He says...

    Zach Berger ‏@theZachBerger
    @Cyclopunk @Chutzpah84 @Velocentric The article was 50% irony, 40% sarcasm, and 10% seriousness.

    Zach Berger ‏@theZachBerger
    @Cyclopunk @Chutzpah84 @Velocentric I saw the quote in the petition about women being competitive and thought it would be a funny subject.

    Zach Berger ‏@theZachBerger
    @Cyclopunk @Chutzpah84 @Velocentric Of course women's times aren't competitive with men's. We didn't need my "stats" to tell us that.

    Zach Berger ‏@theZachBerger
    @Cyclopunk @Chutzpah84 @Velocentric I was more than aware that the women didn't want to be placed IN the men's field and wanted their own.

    That doesn't, however, prevent the article damaging the sport.

    Velocentric adds...

    Alex Oates ‏@Velocentric
    @theZachBerger @cyclopunk @Chutzpah84 I would have to say it doesn't read as an attempt at irony, and your initial response to criticism...

    Alex Oates ‏@Velocentric
    @theZachBerger @cyclopunk @Chutzpah84 doesn't support that either. If you misunderstood the aim responsible thing to do is update the story.

    Even if he didn't misunderstand, I think an explanation of what the petition's real aims are and why a women's Tour might be a good thing for cycling is in order.