Tuesday 12 June 2012

Lucy Garner wins Johnson HealthTech GP Round 4

Lucy Garner
Lucy Garner (Node4-Giordana), the current Junior Road Race World Champion, won the penultimate round of the 2012 Johnson HealthTech GP in Woking on Tuesday evening after beating Vanderkitten's Ruth Winder to the finish line - her second victory on the tight Woking city centre criterium course in two years, the slight uphill section leading to the finish line being prime Garner territory.

Hannah Barnes (Ibis Cycles) tried several times to break away, but Penny Rowson (Matrix-Prendas) wasn't letting her go anywhere and kept every move covered. Meanwhile, her team mate Annie Simpson was attempting to launch her own break but she too got nowhere this time. Finally, near the end of the race, a break stuck: Garner got away with Winder and Rowson immediately responding and staying with her into the sprint finish.

Third place for Rowson keeps Matrix-Prendas in the overall lead, while Simpson retains both the General Classification leadership.

Matrix - Prendas ‏@onthedrops
That was some ride by the team tonight. Seriously on another level. Congrats to all of the team and guest stars @lutonian and @geezermate

Ruth Winder (Team VanderKitten) won the Intermediate Sprints classification for the round, but beating Simpson in this classification is now impossible for anybody except Jo Tindley (VC St Raphael): there are ten sprint points on offer in each round, Tindley (16pts) will need to win both sprints or win one and come second in the other in the next round to surpass Simpson's current eight-point lead.

Lydia Boylan
One of the most aggressive rounds of the Series so far, the race claimed victims: Tindley crashed, causing Node4-Girodana's Harriet Owen to collide with her; but both women were unhurt (judging by how soon after the race they were updating their Twitter feeds!) and took 15th and 16th places respectively. Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands!) was not so fortunate - her front wheel touched the rear wheel of the bike in front of her and she was sent over the handlebars for a rough landing on the road. Thankfully, she escaped serious injury but will be bruised and feeling sore this morning.

Lydia ‏@LyD_ers
@JHTUK Thank you! First big race crash :( All part of the sport! I'll be back soon!

With 20 points still available to the winner of the final round (19pts for second place and so on down to 1pt for 20th) the overall win remains open and the final round, due to take place in Matrix-Prendas' hometown Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday 14th of June, is guaranteed to be a hard-fought battle.

Photos: Ruth Winder in action (Richard Bennett) - full set (Velo UK) - Matrix-Prendas post-race (Stuart MacLean)

Highlights of the race on ITV4 tonight at 20:00, repeated Thursday 10:45 (all the cycling on British TV this week)
Annie Simpson retains her lead overall and
in the Intermediate Sprints classification

Top Ten Round 4
1) Lucy Garner, Node4 - Giordana Racing 
2) Ruth Winder, Team VanderKitten 
3) Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas 
4) Amy Roberts, Scott Contessa Epic 
5) Eileen Roe, Team Ibis Cycles 
6) Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness - Prendas 
7) Annie Simpson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas 
8) Helen Wyman, Kona Factory Racing 
9) Corrine Hall, Node4 - Giordana Racing 
10) Louise Mahe, Mule Bar Girls

Overall after Round 4
1) Annie Simpson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 68pts 
2) Corrine Hall, Node4 - Giordana Racing, 56pts 
3) Helen Wyman, Kona Factory Racing, 52pts 
4) Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 45pts 
5) Laura Massey, Vivelo Bikes / Inverse / Cyclaim, 38pts 
6) Louise Mahe, Mule Bar Girls, 38pts 
7) Harriet Owen, Node4 - Giordana Racing, 37pts 
8) Hannah Barnes, Team Ibis Cycles, 37pts 
9) Jo Tindley, VC St Raphael, 36pts 
10) Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 29pts

Teams after Round 4
1) Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 155pts 
2) Node4 - Giordana Racing, 145pts 
3) VC St Raphael, 76pts 
4) Mule Bar Girls, 73pts 
5) WyndyMilla UK Youth, 7pts

Sprint standings after Round 4
1) Annie Simpson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 24pts 
2) Jo Tindley, VC St Raphael, 16pts 
3) Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 13pts 
4) Ruth Winder, Team VanderKitten, 12pts 
5) Hannah Barnes, Team Ibis Cycles, 12pts 
6) Lucy Garner, Node4 - Giordana Racing, 8pts 
7) Harriet Owen, Node4 - Giordana Racing, 8pts 
8) Helen Wyman, Kona Factory Racing, 5pts 
9) Eileen Roe, Team Ibis Cycles, 3pts 
10) Corrine Hall, Node4 - Giordana Racing, 3pts

Velocite UK ‏@Velocite_Bikes
Big congrats to @onthedrops on a great team ride last night and to @penny_rowson for a strong third place. Top work ladies!

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